Sea Chick


It’s Friday early evening and I’m on a roll. I drop off a passenger in Potts Point and immediately get notice of another job just down the road, opposite the naval base. I pull over and an attractive long haired brunette hops in. She is heavily made up, her eyeliner stretching out to create a pair of cat’s eyes. She immediately starts babbling, excited and full of energy. She’s on her way to a bar in the city for a first date. “So it’s a blind date then?” No no no! She’s already been corresponding with this woman (ah – didn’t pick that…) on a dating site. So though they haven’t met – it’s not a blind date. They get on very well apparently – despite their differences. My passenger’s in the navy, her date studying her PHD. The sea chick is barely twenty, the academic approaching thirty. But turns out she likes sea chick’s tatts – of which I get a quick tour. “This one says ‘Carpe Diem – Nam Cras Mors’ – ‘Seize the Day for Tomorrow We Die’. And my latest one is a rainbow – because all the guys that hit on me don’t think I look gay. But I look pretty gay when my face is between another chick’s thighs.” I laugh. “Yeah – I guess you would. But to be fair – the guys don’t get to see you like that.” “No – but they’d like to!”. We get closer to her destination when she asks me for a mint. “Sorry – I don’t actually have any.” She frowns. “You sure you’re an Uber Driver?” We turn a corner and the sun blinds us. “Whoa – that’s brighter than my future!” Again I laugh. This girl’s a hoot. And she’s enjoying the audience. “And my hair’s longer than my life span.” I give a slight chuckle, realising that she’s now just throwing out pre-prepared quips. The last one’s slightly unsettling – and coupled with the ‘Carpe Diem’ tattoo makes me wonder if this is someone with a bit of a death wish (though perhaps this is common in the armed forces). We get to the bar ten minutes early for her not so blind date. She jumps out, nervous with anticipation. As I drive off, I can’t help but wonder where her face might end up later that night.


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